Artigo do Prof. Ivo V. Pedrosa no Academia Letters

Pedrosa, I.V. (2021). Environmental Crisis and Local Governments. Academia Letters, Article 829.
This is the focused question: what forms of action by the Municipalities were found, in fifteen years of research (2002 to 2017) carried out at the Center for Research in Public Sector Economics (NUPESP), to face the panorama of damages caused by human activities in their territories? (Leão, 2006; Paulo, 2009; Pedrosa, & Peregrino, 2013; Pedrosa, Reis, & Silva, 2008; Pedrosa et al., 2011; Pedrosa et al., 2013; Pedrosa et al., 2018).
The geographical and temporal cuts made were, respectively: most populous municipalities in each of the 12 administrative regions of Pernambuco (IBGE, 2021); the period 2002-2017. The survey of the first year (2002) of the time frame performed was carried out by IBGE, the only one on environmental issues among all 5,560 municipalities. On some years of 2006-2017, the researches were carried out by NUPESP.


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